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April 2012_Park Meeting Report – Totoredaca

Totoredaca Park Meeting Report


Since early January the LFM Board had received requests from members of Totoredaca Leash Free Zone, regarding park maintenance.

A group of concerned Toto members attended the February 8th LFM Board meeting and expressed a need for responsible leadership at the park.  They also discussed issues with the behaviour of some zone users and dogs, a need for education and access to keys for storage buildings and park gates.

At the February 8th meeting the Board adopted a motion:

“To direct Vice President, Jim Harper to quickly look into the situation at Toto and recommend solutions by the next meeting.”

In late February the Representative for Totoredaca Leash Free Zone resigned, due to ill health.

Vice President Harper solicited volunteers, set the date of February 29th and booked a large room at the South Common Community Centre, for an Information Gathering meeting.  The Agenda was simply 2 questions;

What is going well at Toto?  

What needs to change at Toto?

LFM posted notices all around Totoredaca Leash Free Zone on February 19  2012, then e-mailed the same notice to 267 Toto members and uploaded it to the Leash-Free Mississauga website.

In response to e-mailed requests from members, LFM set up an e-mail address  – – to allow anyone who could not attend the meeting to share their thoughts and concerns.  LFM communicated this address via e-mail to the same list of members and via signs posted in the Leash Free Zone.

The report is based on input from Totoredaca members and users, who attended the meeting or e-mailed their comments and the author’s experience as a Leash-Free Mississauga Park Representative over the past several years.

Download the Report (90 kb PDF)