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Leash-Free Zones

LFM has 8 safe and friendly areas for you and your dog`s enjoyment

Etobicoke Valley Dog Park

South Creek Rd., South of Dundas

Etobicoke Valley has the distinct character of a naturalized area and is promoted as “a walk on the wild side” to bring out the true sense of primal curiosity in your dog. Etobicoke Valley has a full scope of wildlife ranging from deer, fox, beavers, muskrats, coyotes, birds, and fish; and lush foliage and fruit trees (including poison ivy and stinging nettles).

It’s quite popular for our canine friends to romp together in this natural park setting to expel some energy and get a little dirty! When the snow falls, it blows from all directions creating dunes and new pathways for romping. Dig out your long pants, rubber boots and whistle and get ready for adventure – gear up and join the fun!

Closed Until Fall 2024


2069 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E. just east of Etobicoke Creek

Garnetwood is a 1.5 acre, fully fenced Leash-Free Zone, nestled in a larger public park. Garnetwood features stately evergreens that provide shade in the summer and wind protection in winter. This Leash-Free Zone has ample parking and a public restroom (seasonal) across Burnhamthorpe Road in Fleetwood Park. Garnetwood is fully lighted in summer months to 11:00 PM, so is ideal for an after-work visit. Chain link fence provides a safe off-leash experience for dogs of all sizes.

A Small Dog Park is available for your little dog`s enjoyment!

Jack Darling

LAKESHORE Jack Darling Memorial Park

Jack Darling Leash-Free Zone boasts a full 22 acres for you and your dog(s) to explore together. Peel Region who owns the property and leases it back to the City, has spared no expense in designing, developing and building this “living roof” on the existing water reservoir and treatment plants. Chain link fencing secures the perimeter, encloses the draining area, and separates the toboggan hill in the winter months. The entire area has been terraced with limestone paved pathways and solid cement boundary slabs that double as seating and a fun tiered “trail” for some adventurous pups. A water tap to the east of the toboggan hill offers fresh drinking water for your dog(s) during the warmer months. A terrific park to enjoy while exercising your best friend(s)!


2266 Lakeshore Rd. West.

Leash-Free Zone on scenic Lake Ontario with a surrounding pedestrian path, dual in-and-out gates and wheelchair accessibility. New chain link perimeter fencing keeps all breeds and sizes in the off-leash zone. The perfect park for a full stretch run, Lakeside offers running drinking water in warmer months. This park also offers year- round restroom facilities and parking making it an ideal destination.

Parkway Belt

Just off Eglinton Avenue, west of Kennedy Road

A neighbourhood favourite, Parkway Belt Leash-Free Zone is located at the south end of the Paramount Trail just north of Eglinton Ave and just west of Hwy 403. In the park you will find ample parking and a paved pathway that leads to the Leash-Free Zone. Parkway Belt has chain-link fencing which secures the entire perimeter, a double-gated entranceway and a glass-sided shelter from wind and rain. This spacious 3.2-acre knoll remains quite dry most of the year due to the elevated, sloping terrain and its windy exposure. It provides a safe, non-crowded environment for your dog(s) to run, play, socialize, or just explore the park off leash. Note there is no lighting for night use, nor is there a source of drinking water nearby, so please bring your own as needed.

Paul Coffey

Located within Paul Coffey Park, access from Professional Drive

Paul Coffey is a 0.3 acre, fully fenced Leash-Free Zone, nestled in a larger public park at Goreway Drive and Derry Road East. Located on the west side of Mississauga’s Paul Coffey Park, it features a scenic park
setting and a variety of trees that provide shade in the summer and wind protection in winter. This park has ample parking and a public restroom (seasonal) within. The Leash-Free Zone is accessible from paths from the Arena parking, Derry Road during spring to fall and Professional Court all seasons. Chain link fence provides a safe off-leash experience for dogs of all sizes.


Erin Mills Pkwy, just north of Erin Mills Town Centre, entrance off southbound lanes

Quenippenon, commonly called “Q Park” for short, is located just North of Erin Mills Town Shopping Centre, on the West side of Erin Mills Parkway. With a total of 1.4 acres, this Leash-Free Zone offers a friendly, securely fenced-in space for your dog(s) to socialize while
remaining in your view at all times. Separated into two areas, each with access to the other, the park can be accessed two ways. The South gate, or front entrance via Erin Mills Parkway Southbound, leads into a large grass and wood chipped mixed area for running and playing, as well as a separate, smaller pen for our furry friends 25lbs and under. The North gate, or back entrance, can be accessed through a gate at the front, or via Middlebury


2715 Meadowvale Blvd. south of Steeles Ave

Totoredaca (or “Toto”) is a generous 3.5 acre leash- free zone. It is fully secured with a chain link fence, and offers a variety of terrains and facilities for your dog(s) to explore. A natural wooded area offers cool summer shade and protection from winter winds. Toto features a separate enclosed area for small dogs, puppies, or dogs of a nervous disposition to help them to get used to the smell, sights, and
sounds of the park. This area is ideal for introducing them to the park environment, especially first-time park-going dogs! It also includes an exclusive seasonal agility equipment area! There is water access (from Spring to the Fall) to make sure the pups stay hydrated. Toto has two parking areas with gates in front and back. A visit to Toto is a wonderful interactive experience for dogs and owners alike.

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