Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member to visit a leash-free zone in a City of Mississauga Park?

All leash-free Zones in City of Mississauga parks are public spaces and open to all. LFM encourages all regular users to purchase a membership to support Leash-Free Mississauga in operating and maintaining existing zones and paying all capital costs for new leash-free zones, when approved by the City. The City of Mississauga owns the land and approves the locations of all leash-free zones. LFM pays all capital costs to establish new zones, including ground cover, fencing, pathways, parking lot, lighting, seating, access to water when available, etc. Leash-Free Mississauga receives no City funding and pays all expenses to maintain existing leash-free zones, including grass cutting, hydro for lighting, on-going clean up and maintenance of pathways.

What does it cost to join Leash-Free Mississauga?

Currently, annual membership fees are $15.00 for 1 dog and $20.00 for 2 – 4 dogs

How do I become a member of Leash-Free Mississauga?

Choose your way to become a New Member or Renew your Membership
Pick up a Membership Form at the park or download from
Print and complete the form and mail in to the address on form with your Cheque
Sign up or Renew at Pay with Paypal (Credit Card or Bank Account)

I am visiting from out of town. Is there a fee to use the leash-free zones?

All leash-free Zones in City of Mississauga parks are public spaces and open to all. We welcome all visitors to enjoy our leash-free zones with their canine friends.

My dog was attacked by another dog in the leash-free zone. What can I do to report the incident and ensure that my dog is safe in the future?

Report all dog-on-dog incidents to City of Mississauga Animal Care and Services. Their phone number is posted in all Zones; 905-896-5858.
Only the owners of dogs involved in an incident can make a report to Animal Care and Services. If your dog has been injured, ask for the Bite Officer.